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Motorola AC Power Supply


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Motorola AC Power Supply HPN4007D (formerly C), Base station, 117/240VAC, 15 Amps, Rated for 25 - 60 watt high power. Compatible Radios: Moto TURBO, DM3600

Minimum quantity for "Motorola AC Power Supply" is 1.

Motorola Battery Door HKLN4440


$12.99   $9.88
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Replacement battery door cover for CLP radios. (use with High Capacity Battery)

Motorola Battery Door HKLN4441


$12.99   $9.88
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Replacement battery door cover for CLP radios. (use with Standard Battery)

Minimum quantity for "Motorola Battery Door HKLN4441" is 1.

Motorola Cable HKN4137A


$18.00   $16.44
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Motorola Cable HKN4137A, Power Cable to Battery,10 ft, 15 amp. Compatible radios: CDM750, CDM1250, CDM1550, CDM1550LS, CDM1550LS+, GM300, M10, M120, M130, M1225, M1225LS, PM400, PRO3100, PRO5100, PRO7100, SM50, SM120, XPR4300, XPR4500, XPR4550, CM200, CM300.

Minimum quantity for "Motorola Cable HKN4137A" is 1.

Motorola Cable RLN6303A


$20.00   $17.97
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Motorola Cable RLN6303A, Radio-to-radio cloning. Compatible Radios: CP110 and RDX series.

Minimum quantity for "Motorola Cable RLN6303A" is 1.

Programming Charge

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Special programming for Motorola radios to match with a Repeater. Price is per radio programmed.

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