Motorola Charger 53872

CODE: 53872

$27.95   $23.97
In stock
Motorola Charger 53872, Single unit, 10 hour charger, desktop. Compatible Radios: XTN and T7000 Series

Minimum quantity for "Motorola Charger 53872" is 1.

Motorola Charger 53875

CODE: 53875

$69.95   $54.77
In stock
Motorola Charger 53875, 2-Hour, Single unit, Adapter. Compatible Radios: XTN series

Minimum quantity for "Motorola Charger 53875" is 1.

Motorola Charger 53879D

CODE: 53879D

$273.95   $177.97
In stock
Motorola Charger 53879D, Multi Unit Charger, Cloning. Compatible Radios: XTN series, CP100, and Talkabout T7000 Series

Minimum quantity for "Motorola Charger 53879D" is 1.

Motorola Charger 53960

CODE: 53960

$120.00   $111.77
In stock
Motorola Charger 53960, Multi Unit Charger, Wall mountable, 3 hour charge. Compatible Radios: DTR410, DTR550, DTR650

Minimum quantity for "Motorola Charger 53960" is 1.

Motorola Charger 56531

CODE: 56531

$199.95   $147.54
In stock
Motorola Charger 56531, 110V AC, Multi Unit charger, Cloning Station. Compatible Radios: CLS series

Minimum quantity for "Motorola Charger 56531" is 1.

Motorola Charger 56553

CODE: 56553

$65.00   $44.97
In stock
Motorola Charger 56553, 10 Hour, 110V AC, Wall Charger. Compatible Radios: CLS series, VL50

Minimum quantity for "Motorola Charger 56553" is 1.

Motorola Charger AAHTN3000D


$56.75   $43.69
In stock
Motorola Charger AAHTN3000D, 120 Volt AC, Rapid Charger . Compatible Radios: HT750, HT1250, HT1250 LS, HT1250 LS+, MTX8250, MTX8250 LS, MTX850, MTX850 LS, MTX9250, MTX950, PR860.

Minimum quantity for "Motorola Charger AAHTN3000D" is 1.

Motorola XUAAK44X511 Multi Unit Charger


$349.00   $319.00
In stock

Motorola Multi Unit Charger XUAAK44X511, formerly Vertex VAC-6068 multi-unit charger, for Motorola VX-261 radio

Minimum quantity for "Motorola XUAAK44X511 Multi Unit Charger" is 1.

Motorola Charger NNTN7618A


$380.00   $299.97
In stock
Motorola Charger NNTN7618A, IMPRES, 12V DC, Vehicle charger console. Compatible Radios: HT series

Minimum quantity for "Motorola Charger NNTN7618A" is 1.

Motorola PMPN4465


$330.00   $247.87
In stock

Motorola PMPN4465, Multi Unit Charger (6) for new series of DTR radios. DTR600/700

Minimum quantity for "Motorola PMPN4465" is 1.

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